Instant Beach Pool

Ref. : 90015

Child-sized beach pool and a UV protection tent to protect children from the sun, wind and sand. Quick and easy opening and closing mechanism via the pull-cord system.

Skills acquired

Well-being gives the child all the serenity and comfort he needs
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In two seconds, your baby is sheltered and ready to splash into their instant beach Pool!

Suitable for children 10 months and up, the instant beach pool is a genuine plus for families by the seaside. Thanks to this baby-sized water point, toddlers can enjoy water by the sea under the watchful eyes of their parents while sheltered under a UV 50 tent. Simply dig a hole in the sand to insert the pool, and Bob’s your uncle!

Designed for family trips

The well-designed opening mechanism is very easy to release by pulling on the cord.
Thanks to its intuitive operation, you’ll find it easy to handle the tent and store it in its carrying bag.
Lightweight and compact once folded, it can easily follow the family wherever it travels. With its quick set-up and storage, the instant pool will become an essential part of your family seaside outings!

Going to the beach with your baby? Safety first!

Toddlers are very sensitive to hot weather, so it is important to regularly hydrate them and monitor their thermoregulation system, given that it is not yet completely efficient. Caution! Never leave your child unsupervised and for optimal protection, always protect your child from the sun (hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, clothing).

Includes 4 pegs to anchor the tent in the sand

Product dimensions:

  • Tent dimensions: 90 x 105 x 105 cm.
  • Depth of the pool: 10 cm.


Tent 100% polyester, UV 50


Easy to clean using a damp cloth.

+ safety

For optimal protection, protect your child from the sun (hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, clothing …).

+ play

Add some small bath toys of all colors to play the sprinkler!

+ tricks

Use the tent anywhere (at home, on the road, etc.), always on the ground on a flat surface.

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The parents' reviews

Noeia 09/07/2021

A holiday must for me! The tent is really easy to put up and take down and quick too. What’s more, it takes up very little room and it’s really light. Taking it to the beach every day isn’t a chore. The tent more than meets my expectations!

Alex 23/05/2019

This beach tent is well designed, it goes up in a trice thanks to the pop-up frame. It even has pegs to anchor the base in the sand. It comes in its own ventilated carry bag so that the tent can dry. Good anti UV protection (it says level 50), providing baby’s skin with effective extra protection from the sun. I particularly liked how spacious the tent is and that it is very well made.

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French customer service
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French designer
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Quality / Safety
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