A collective conscience

LUDI is a French brand that has been supporting child development through play for nearly 30 years – and it still takes great joy and pleasure in doing so! We are proud to be experts in creating toys that help children discover the world around them. By respecting their likes, preferences and development, we can offer children the key to firmly established self-confidence.

We concentrate on offering great, clever, contemporary products that are accessible to everyone! Toys and games that guarantee good times with all the family on any occasion.


creative ingenious safe

New things that add a little extra creativity to every product, every year.

Innovation, rewriting industry rules with fresh ideas, to create products that are unashamedly modern.

We know just what children and grown-ups want, to help them through those early years and make life easier for everyone.

LUDI handpicks its professional experts, to ensure that all standards are scrupulously adhered to and that there is absolutely no risk.

BLOG LUDI : les informations du marché du jouet et les nouveautés législatives pour le droit des parents et des enfants en France.

Everyone has a right to good ideas

One of our greatest joys is to give children the simple pleasure of escape through play. To make it possible, our teams focus on making our ranges accessible to everyone, through competitive pricing.

LUDI toys and games help everyone forge family relationships, whatever their culture. Our products are sold in over 15 countries, through a network of specialist sales outlets in Europe and many other countries around the world.

To find us, just go to your favourite toy shops and food superstores. Even easier – find us at online retailers specialising in toys and childcare, or big e-commerce websites. Check out our partners!

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LUDI’s origines

Since 1994, the brand has grown up! Little by little, LUDI has been able to refine her values ​​according to her convictions.

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