LUDI’s origins

Les origine de LUDI, marque française de jouet et de puériculture

In 1994, France’s JBM group signed up LUDI, its own brand of toys and childcare products in the heart of the Tours area. LUDI designs and produces toys for children from birth to 5 years of age. Everything is designed to give children enjoyable new experiences, helping them discover the outside world, develop self-esteem, language, observational and motor skills, not to mention social skills – and all whilst having fun, of course!

LUDI is committed to improving children’s well-being, with ranges for babies and for motor skills and development, as well as outdoor toys and educational games. And because the LUDI team loves a good surprise, there’s always a typical LUDI “tip or trick” to go with each one!


LUDI, marque française de jouet pour enfant de 0 à 5 ans

An original, colourful brand

LUDI is always seeking creative ideas to make every moment a pretext to play and learn. It isn’t unusual for the brand to combine a timeless classic, that everyone remembers, with a new innovation. Our unique, clever little tricks add ingenious features to traditional toys and games – and none of it happens by chance! Parents love the toys’ bright colours and funny shapes just as much as their children.

A brand that cares about the whole family

LUDI recognises the different stages of a child’s development, helping them to grow up at their own speed, following their own likes and preferences. This ensures really effective learning. But satisfying the grown-ups is important too, so our toys and games have also been designed to make life easier for parents.

LUDI: when useful also means easy! This is why you’ll find advice and other things that make LUDI toys and games space-saving, easy to store and easy to clean – no more toys lying around the house!

Last, but by no means least, comes your child’s safety – nothing is more important than this. This is why LUDI handpicks its professional experts, to ensure that all standards are scrupulously adhered to and that there is absolutely no risk.

Affordable for all

LUDI pays special attention to current living standards and takes into account any changes in both the market and society. It offers “ready-to-play” ranges for babies, at really competitive prices. LUDI is creative with its prices without ever compromising on quality, because the brand is keen to offer great, modern, accessible toys to every family. Learning through play is a key factor in child development and should be equally available to everyone.

conception de jouets : esquisse et prototype


All the stages in the design of a toy

LUDI’s team members are constantly seeking creative ideas to make every moment a pretext to play and learn. Every year we design toys and games to suit different age groups and the different stages of a child’s development.

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