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Explore how water moves with this small bucket and mill. This bath toy can be taken to the sea and the pool.

Skills acquired

Discovery allows children to develop their imaginations and learn to recognize the world around them

Here we go! Everyone into the water with the watermill!

With its cheerful colours and funny face, this little pouring bucket will amuse both children and parents. It’s easy to grab by its handle, specially designed for little hands.

After a dip in the bath, the water flows out and turns the watermill. The clever tank lets the water run slowly. Children will love playing with the water pattern that escapes from it and watching the paddles turn. For even more fun and games, the little spout makes it easier to move water.

The bath time has never been so funny!

As they play with the toy, the child discovers that the mill stops when there’s no more water. They’ll create their own sensory experience at their own pace until they understand how to activate the mechanism.

This fun, playful watermill captivates a child’s attention and stimulates their imagination. Through water play, children hone their dexterity, develop their observation skills, understand cause and effect, and improve their vocabulary.

Dimensions: 10 x 13.5 x 9 cm.


  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
  • PE (Polyéthylene)


Drain and rinse toys after use. Wash regularly with clean water.

+ play

  • You can store all of Baby’s toys in bath nets so that nothing is left lying around in the bathroom.

+ tricks

  • At the pool, at the beach, at bedtime… A book to leaf through for any occasion!

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The parents' reviews

Nicolas 09/29/2021

My 11 month old daughter likes this little bucket a lot. It’s colourful, the handle moves and most of all the water in the bucket turns the wheel. My daughter is learning to dip the bucket in the bath to fill it and loves watching the wheel go round. It’s quite small, no bigger than a large beaker, but that’s plenty to keep a child amused and it’s not too big to take on holiday for example. The different parts are all sturdy and don’t appear to break easily, just like most toys made by this brand.

Alwenna 08/15/2021

My little 22 month old toddler liked this bucket a lot. I was expecting the bucket to be bigger but it’s really small. It doesn’t matter because it doesn’t take up much room and it can be carried around easily. My son plays with it in the bath. He puts it under the tap or in the water and loves watching the wheel go round. The design with its funny eyes is really nice! We really like it! It’s fun to play with and just right for younger children.

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