Washable squirt toys

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Disassemble, fit together and mix the sprayers to create fun, new characters!
Easy-to-clean bath toys.

Skills acquired

Discovery allows children to develop their imaginations and learn to recognize the world around them

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The washable squirt toys are fun for little ones and easy to wash!

These simple washable squirt toys float and have a hole for spraying water. To wash them properly and prevent mould deposits, you can disassemble them and leave them to dry before the next bath. Their fun design, specially designed for little hands, is made from soft, sturdy silicone to massage babies’ gums as they enjoy nibbling them. They ensure the safety of children who won’t run the risk of swallowing small parts.

Spray and play with washable squirt toys!

Disassemble, fit together and mix the sprayers to create fun, new characters! Babies can engage in great water battles as they explore these 3 marine animals! These playful little toys allow children to develop their skills and imagination. As they grow, they start to recognise the colours and the names of the animals, and then to create their own stories. Bath time become a genuine moment for relaxation and fun!

Dimension: 7×6,5x7cm.


  • 100% Silicone

Pursuant to regulations, all flexible plastic materials are phthalate-free.


  • Regularly wash with clean water and drain the toys after use.

+ tricks

  • Put all your bath toys away in a blink of an eye in a large net storage unit! Strong and large without being too bulky, the basket will allow children throwing small toys.

+ play

  • Use the toys at the pool, at the beach or for all other outdoor activities with Baby!

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The parents' reviews

Claire 03/30/2020

A really cool set of bath toys, well made with no rough edges
It looks good and is quite well packed
It’s easy to use and works really well, it’s made of silicone and the colours are nice
A lovely set of toys that children will love and have lots of fun with
It’s a reasonable price and it’s really worth giving it a go

Jony 03/13/2020

This LUDI Bath Squirt Toys set of bath toys is quite good, the quality is quite good, they look really nice and they are safe for young children to play with.
Babies never tire of playing with water and they’ll love squirting each other with these fun toys! These soft silicone squirters can be taken to pieces and put together again or the pieces can be combined to create new playmates! Another advantage is that these squirters can be opened up: you can easily dry each part so that mould doesn’t grow inside

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