Interlocking Blocks

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Your baby’s 1st construction game ! 9 soft, colourful blocks to stack and interlock. Specially designed with crashes and nibbling in mind. Guaranteed safety and hygiene

Skills acquired

Fine motor skills train babies to forge their little fingers and small gestures to improve their precision
Reflection trains children to strengthen their capacity to think for themselves and develop their intellectual capacities
Discovery allows children to develop their imaginations and learn to recognize the world around them

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Your baby’s 1st construction game: check out the interlocking Blocks!

Explore 9 soft, colourful stackable and interlocking blocks to make superb constructions. This educational puzzle helps to cultivate the imagination of little curious minds! Over time, children will learn to recognise numbers, animals, objects, geometric shapes and the patterns on the block faces.

The cubes are easy to grip. When pinched, they produce a funny little noise that attracts your baby’s attention. The cubes enable children to develop their flexibility and exercise their fingers’ ability to grip objects, as well as develop their concentration while stacking. This first construction game develops dexterity, motor skills, visual acuity and patience.

Made from high-quality, odourless plastic (100% PVC), this game easily stands up to time-related wear and sudden movements. Specially designed for crashes, your baby cannot be injured in the event of little falls onto the blocks. Your baby may also use the blocks to soothe their sensitive gums during teething.

Dimensions of each piece: 5,2 x 5,8 x 5,2 cm.
Quantity: 9 pieces


  • 100% PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


  • Washable with a damp cloth

+ comfort

  • It’s time to play! Place a foam mat to keep baby off the floor and to absorb is shock.

+ tricks

  • You can tidy baby’s toys in the pop-up play area, an other toybox.

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