“Frog” bath set

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Designed for the bath, it develops your toddler’s imagination and dexterity. Clever, can be hung by its suction cups. Comes with little multicoloured pots and 3 figurines.

Skills acquired

Dexterity allows children to be more comfortable in their movements as well as in the precision of their gestures
Discovery allows children to develop their imaginations and learn to recognize the world around them
Reflection trains children to strengthen their capacity to think for themselves and develop their intellectual capacities

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The frog amuses toddlers at the bath time!

Pour water on this multicoloured “frog” bath set and watch the watermills spin! You can detaches to become a separate doll. The bath set Made up of a frog with water mill and stacked-shelving glasses. It stimulates your toddler’s imagination and dexterity.
Withe that bath set, child discover how fun bath time can be!

For children aged 10 months and up.
Dimension : 21 x 23 x 8 cm.

Composition :

  • 100% PVC

Washing :

  • Can be washed with lukewarm water and soap.
  • Drain toys after use and rinse.

+ tricks

  • Très résistants, vous pourrez utiliser ces petits jouets de bain à la piscine et pour des activités !

+ play

  • Use the toys at the pool, at the beach or for all other outdoor activities with Baby!

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The parents' reviews

Virginie 12/03/2016

The frog is fantastic, the colours are nice and bright and the mechanism is awesome. My baby used to wriggle all over the place in the bath, but the frog really calms him down, he loves watching it work when I fill it with water. I really love it and so does my baby.

Fabrice 10/30/2019

Super cute!!! My children love playing with it. Stays in place really well once it’s been fixed with the suction cup. Great fun playing with all the different cups. Easy to keep clean.

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