The fabric panel “yesterday, today, tomorrow”

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Embroidered fabric panel, with cardboard moveable parts. A fun way for children to become familiar with the concept of passing time and to comunicate about his emotions!

Skills acquired

Discovery allows children to develop their imaginations and learn to recognize the world around them
Reflection trains children to strengthen their capacity to think for themselves and develop their intellectual capacities

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The fabric panel is a great idea with something for children to do and learn every day

The fabric panel’s moveable parts help little ones discover the concept of passing time. They can follow the days of the week by selecting the right names for yesterday, today and tomorrow. They can also show how their mood, the weather and their activities change as the days go by.

There’s also a place where children can change how many “sleeps” are left until the next fun thing that’s planned – that way, they can learn to wait patiently – with minimum stress and no disappointments! With a little help from their parents, little ones can have fun planning their week as they gradually begin to understand the concept of passing time.

The fabric panel will follow you in your daily life!

The fabric panel consists of 3 houses – “yesterday”, “today” and” tomorrow”. Children select the day of the week, their mood and the day’s two main activities from the little pockets underneath.

The words and pictures are just the right size for little hands and the hook and loop fastening means they are easy to stick to the fabric panel. Any that aren’t being used can be stored on the back of the fabric panel, so that they don’t get lost.

Altogether, the pictures include: 7 days of the week, 7 numbers (1 to 7), 11 weather pictures (wind, rain, storm, snow, cloudy, sun, etc.), 21 activities (school, canteen, sports, music, home, party, shopping, swimming pool, colouring, etc.) and 11 emojis (happy, love, angry, sad, tired, poorly, and frightened, etc.).

Dimension: 38 x 31 x 1 cm.


  • Embroidered fabric panel, 100% Coton.
  • Printed cardboard moveable words and pictures (60 pieces)


Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Dry flat.


Small parts, choking hazard.

+ playful

Every day, reproduce the ritual of the school! Children will play and review at the same time.

+ easier

Pockets for storage detachable parts to leave nothing trapped

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