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Three tunnels to assemble to create a large motor skills course. This lightweight, flexible and compact unit easily unfolds and folds into its included bag.

Skills acquired

Motor skills train baby in motor development and dexterity
Motor skill
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A large play space for wacky adventures!

The three tunnels can be combined as you wish to form several original courses… Play however you like!

Dynamic and play-based, the multitunnel offers children a space all their own to freely express themselves. It stimulates children’s imagination and encourages motor skills development. As they have fun, they improve their skills, release their energy and discover how to share and the importance of team spirit.

A multitunnel designed for family trips

Its flexible structure stands up to sudden movements and is lightweight and good-sized.
It also conveniently features a pop-up system for easy assembly and folding, ensuring portability. It folds up and unfolds in a matter of seconds and is stored in a carrying bag (included).

Lightweight and very compact once folded, the multitunnel follows the family wherever it goes.

It has been designed to be used both outdoors, in the yard, on the beach… or indoors on rainy days!

An evolutive Multitunnel!

All pop-up products in our “motor skills” range are compatible. You may easily incorporate an accessory to create more inventive play courses! Tunnel or ball play area… the sky’s the limit!

For greater challenges
The tunnel allows for several challenges to be designed while having children practice crawling and moving.

Includes a carrying bag.
Dimensions du produit : 

  • Tunnels: 120 cm long and 45 cm diameter.
  • Total dimension of the course: 442 cm.


  • 100% polyester.


  • Easy to clean using a damp cloth.

+ comfort

  • Place a foam mat to keep baby off the floor and to absorb is shock.

+ enjoy

  • With its carrying bag for easy storage.

+ creative

  • Find ground fixings that ensure the stability of the Trio pop-up games and a carrying bag for easy storage.

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The parents' reviews

Steven 01/24/2020

This tent and tunnels set is amazing! Really easy to set up and there are several different ways to put it together. The children love it and so do the cats! Very nice, fun product.

Paul 06/04/2021

I’m using it for something different – I use it to play with my dog. He loves it!
The blue and green tunnels are strong enough for the way I use them (I haven’t used the yellow one so far, I’m scared his claws might get stuck in it). They can be fixed to the red base to form a circle or fixed together to make a longer tunnel. The storage bag is a great idea and it all takes up hardly any room.
I’m highly satisfied!

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