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Giant Foam Play Mat Set - Ref. 10007



dalle mousse bleue

Explore comfortably and safely…

The large anti-shock mat made of 16 foam tiles will accompany your little ones in their first games, while providing complete safety. Insulating, shock-absorbing and hygienic, this giant floor mat offers a large play area which is very useful when crawling on all fours or during the first tumbles. This mat is also a fun puzzle and includes: 2D, 3D and a built-in game with animal and transport motifs.

This beautiful playing surface insulates from the cold, absorbs falls and topples and ensures a comfortable sitting position. Strong and thick, these foam tiles are resistant to small teeth and are ideal for crawling or playing with your baby’s favourite toys. Its vibrant colours stimulate baby's curiosity and encourage fine motor skills. These tiles are also buildable and modular for puzzle games and even 3D construction as Baby grows up.

Suitable for use from birth, the 16 large tiles offer babies a play mat measuring 115 x 115 cm. Strong and comfortable with a thickness of 0.9 cm, the tiles fit and interlock perfectly and easily. The tiles can be used indoors or outdoors on a non-slip flat surface.

Very easy to wash, practical and easy to store, the tiles can be assembled and disassembled very quickly. The funny and colourful animal- and transport- themed prints awaken the imagination while also decorating the room. Whether in the park or on a play mat, these large foam tiles are also perfect for creating a reading area in the living room or improvising a corner for relaxing at the drop of a hat.

Suitable for use by children 10 months and up.
Air out the foams for 48 hours prior to use.
Next generation tiles with a formamide count below 200 ppm.
Tiles made of 100% EVA.
Hand washable in cold water and resistant to warping.
Dimensions: 115 x 155 x 0.9 cm.



comfort rouge
Put the foam mats under the pop-up play area or your pop-up tent. The foam mat keeps baby off the floor and absorbes shocks.
creative bleu
Combine the puzzle pieces for more game and colors! Warning, awakening foam can’t be mix with educative foam. For a soft and colourful life!

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LUDI, French brand to JBM, child care and toy market specialist.
For child since birth to height years old.

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