Pink Dumbbell Rattle

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Soft plastic dumbbell. Rattle designed for very easy grasping. Develops your baby’s dexterity. Hygienic.

Skills acquired

Discovery allows children to develop their imaginations and learn to recognize the world around them

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I’m learning to catch with the “Pink” Dumbbell Rattle!

Rattles are classic objects to offer to babies in promotion of motor skills development. The act of gripping an object effectively starts with the grasping reflex. This small “Pink” dumbbell rattle made of lightweight plastic perfectly matches this instinct and provides a very easy grip.

Their bright colour and round shapes train your baby to visually track the rattle when it moves and to thus develop their visual field. Its soft, lightweight plastic material soothes your baby’s little teeth and ensure perfect hygiene.

Whether travelling by car or pushchair, it will entertain your baby during all family trips!

Dimensions : 18 x 8 x 8 cm.

Composition :

  • 100% PVC


  • May be washed using a damp cloth.

+ comfort

  • It’s time to play! Place a foam mat to keep baby off the floor and to absorb is shock.

+ creative

  • You can tidy baby’s toys in the pop-up play area, an other toybox.

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The parents' reviews

Claude 07/26/2019

Part dumbbell, part rattle, with a soft sound that makes baby laugh. Designed so that little hands can hold it easily. Easy to wash with soap and water. Perfect for teaching baby to hold things.

Thomas 08/18/2019

Rattle bought for my 4 month old son. Very light, so babies won’t hurt themselves if they hit themselves with it. It’s got a little bell inside, the sound attracts baby’s attention. It’s not very big so perfect to grasp.

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