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Bath squirt toys

 bain bleu


These fun little bath toys transform bath time into a special moment to share, discover and enjoy together. Baby will love the bubbles the toys make when they are filled and the jet of water they squirt out when they are pressed! Babies can safely chew away at these one-piece toys, which are made of moulded plastic with a soft, resistant texture. These colourful squirters come in a variety of shapes and are perfect for any occasion!
aspergeurs ocean 2224
"Ocean" squirt toys
Ref 2224
aspergeurs transport 2223
"Transports" squirt toys
Ref 2223
aspergeurs ferme 2222
"Farm" squirt toys
Ref 2222
aspergeurs poissons 2221
"Fish" squirt toys
Ref 2221
aspergeurs nature 2220
"Nature" squirt toys
Ref 2220
aspergeurs 12 mers 2174
"The 12 Seas"squirt toys
Ref 2174
sac livre aspergeurs rose 2150
Bag with an assortment of books
and squirt toys - Ref 2150
Bath Squirt Toys
Ref 40055
aspergeurs 12 mers 2174
Squirt toys set
Ref 40064

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LUDI, French brand to JBM, child care and toy market specialist.
For child since birth to height years old.

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