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No more need for any coaxing at bath-time. These bath sets and water activities make baths a time for play and stimulation, to be experienced and shared.

We know from experience that baths are a special time for relaxation and bonding. For this reason we have created a line of bath toys with colourful designs to help children develop their imaginations.

Our ergonomic toys were specially designed for small hands. Know that our bath toys are made from plastic and are free of phthalates, for the safety of your children.
aspergeurs ocean 2224
"Ocean" squirt toys
Ref 2224
aspergeurs transport 2223
"Transports" squirt toys
Ref 2223
aspergeurs ferme 2222
"Farm" squirt toys
Ref 2222
aspergeurs poissons 2221
"Fish" squirt toys
Ref 2221
aspergeurs nature 2220
"Nature" squirt toys
Ref 2220
aspergeurs 12 mers 2174
"The 12 Seas"squirt toys
Ref 2174
sac livre aspergeurs rose 2150
Bag with an assortment of books
and squirt toys - Ref 2150
Bath Squirt Toys
Ref 40055
aspergeurs 12 mers 2174
Squirt toys set
Ref 40064
grand filet orange 2195
Large net storage unit
Ref 2195
coffret canard 2245 new
"3-pack" bath set
Ref 2245
coffret pingouin 2240 new
"Penguin" bath set
Ref 2240
cofret grenouille 2246 new
"Frog" bath set
Ref 2246
peche a ligne 2232
Foam fishing game
Ref 2232
"Fish" large net storage unit
Ref 40002
Nesting fish LUDI
Nesting fish
Ref 40003
Fishing boat
Fishing boat
Ref 40011
Foam Letters, numbers, animals game
Foam "Letters, numbers" game
Ref 40015
Early years book and 5 puppets
Early years book and 5 puppets
Ref 40017
Bath set
Bath set
Ref 40028
Fish line fishing
“Fish” line fishing
Ref 40031
Bath gears
Bath gears
Ref 40056
Large basketball hoop
Large basketball hoop
Ref 40016
Large basketball hoop
Water circuit
Ref 40061
Sensory awakening set
Ref 30054
Large basketball hoop
Water circuit
Ref 40070
Large basketball hoop
Bath case
Ref 40062
Large basketball hoop
Dino bath toy set
Ref 40071
Round stackers LUDI
Round stackers
Ref 40008
Aqua game
Aqua game
Ref 40009
Puffer fish LUDI
Puffer fish
Ref 40010
kayak bath
Bath kayak
Ref 40014
Large basketball hoop
Nesting buckets
Ref 40057
Large basketball hoop
Bath coloring book
Ref 40058
Large basketball hoop
Magic egg
Ref 40060
Large basketball hoop
Ref 40059
Large basketball hoop
Ref 40063

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LUDI, French brand to JBM, child care and toy market specialist.
For child since birth to height years old.

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